Date: 8 th March 2022


As of 8th March 2022, we have rebuilt our brand and our people. Introducing Wolviic, a game-changing antimicrobial technology set to innovate the construction industry. Also introducing Jigna Varu, not a woman in construction but the CEO of Wolviic.

Our rebrand on International Women’s Day is nothing other than a statement. The Chief Executive Officer and Chief Marketing Officer of Wolviic are both females in a male dominated industry. But at Wolviic, this means one thing. No one will be referred to as a ‘woman in construction’. We are breaking 2 biases: women labelling and innovation in construction.

Innovation, prevention and well-being is at the heart of Wolviic. With the lack of innovation in the construction industry, our technology is here to raise the standard of living globally. Through rigorous testing, every claim is scientifically backed up to give that utmost reassurance. Most of all, our purpose is people. Mould has detrimental effects on health and well-being. The addition of Wolviic in construction improves quality of life.

Mould isn’t just a problem is social housing, it has become more apparent and more damaging throughout the world. With climate change bringing extreme weather conditions and the pandemic forcing people to a more indoor lifestyle, it has never been more significant to look after our indoor environment.
Wolviic prevents the growth of mould and bacteria in construction for a healthier living. With air purifying technology, Wolviic is suitable for any environment from housing and hospitals to schools.

Rebuild indoor living with Wolviic.

CEO of Wolviic, Jigna Varu said: I launched what was once known as Home-Fresh® during the pandemic. Now, the way of life and the world has changed, from big challenges to bigger uncertainties. We are only moving with this change by raising the standard of living and giving the world one less problem under their roofs. 

Name of press contact: Vaishali Varu