It’s on the news

Do you ever take where you live for granted? There are 205,000 social homes in England which have damp in one or more rooms! we need to do something about it NOW! 
Read on to find out more about an investigation into the UK’s awful social housing conditions and the growing mould infestation which started on the news! 

It’s on the news! 

The ITV News report showed a number of “unliveable” conditions in the London borough of Croydon, and ITV News Political Correspondent Daniel Hewitt was “inundated” with “hundreds and hundreds” of examples. ITV News investigations found there is a “growing problem with severe mould and damp” throughout the UK, with councils often not dealing with residents’ complaints.

Stats you need to know 

Over 37,500 premature deaths have been caused by indoor air pollution in the UK.
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a considerable proportion of the world’s 300 million cases of childhood asthma is attributable to exposure to indoor dampness and mould.
A study shows that people living in visibly mouldy home had 34-40% higher rate of depression symptoms than those in a mould free home
People are 40% more likely to have asthma when living in a damp or mouldy home.

What causes the damp and mould? 

Excess moisture 
Moisture gets into the air in our homes through everyday activities like cooking, washing, showering and drying clothes. Through these activities alone, one person can contribute four pints of water to their home’s environment in just one day.
Poorly heated homes 
Warm air can hold a greater amount of moisture than cooler air. This means that the temperature of the air in your home has an impact on the amounts of condensation you may experience. Homes that are under-heated can increase condensation. Also, dramatic increases or decreases in temperature can also increase condensation. It is therefore important to consistently heat your home, increasing the average
temperature of surfaces.
Poor ventilation 
A home suffering with poor ventilation is prone to condensation and mould growth. Adequate air flow allows warm, moisture-laden air to escape from the home. However, if the home is lacking in ventilation, this warm air will deposit moisture on the coldest surface available – this is commonly windows or outside walls.

What needs to be on the news! 

We can’t let the problem carry on and get worse. Especially when there’s an easy solution.
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