How Antimicrobials Benefit the Commercial Environment

Keeping public spaces clean has always been a challenge but after the past year customers are more concerned about the cleanliness of environments. As a result, business owners are left with unrealistic cleaning procedures and struggling to keep up.
Communal areas such as bathrooms, offices, restaurants and public recreation are increasingly susceptible to microbial growth. Shared items like credit card machined, steering wheels and public seating need to be constantly disinfected to stop the spread of microbials. However, disinfectants are not 100% effective and it’s impossible to stop all microbial growth. 
The commercial environment needs a solution, Home-Fresh®. 
Home-Fresh® provides built in freshness, preventing mould and bacteria, providing a healthy living. 

Why choose Home-Fresh® 

Proven resultsHome-Fresh® has been rigorously tested on a variety of surfaces and substrates in and around residential and commercial buildings, focusing mainly on coated surfaces, gypsum/plaster, and flooring.
Air purifying Our super smart formula contains air purifying technology promoting a healthy and sustainable well being for everyone with built in freshness allowing you to breathe easy. Our air purifying technology has never been more important as air pollution can be 10 times worse than outdoor air pollution.
Anti-mould Home-Fresh® prevents mould and reduces the amount of mould spores entering the air, as a result you can promise consumers a permanently healthier working environment.
SafeHome-Fresh® provides peace of mind in public spaces with our antimicrobial freshness agent.
Added freshness Materials treated with Home-Fresh® retain all their original qualities but with added long-term freshness and protection from pathogens.
Always protected Home-Fresh® provides your consumers with protection until the wall is destroyed .
Invisible – Our technology provides an invisible layer of protection.
Easy applicationOur formula be easily applied during the manufacturing stage so your products have built in freshness.
NaturalOur active ingredients are naturally occurring, free from substances and SVHC’S, and meet or exceed all building regulation standards.

Home-Fresh® vs Disinfectants 

Items which are shared in a working environment need to be constantly disinfected to reduce microbial growth, however once bacteria are killed on a surface, microbes in the air immediately re-contaminate the surface and rapidly reproduce, doubling in number every 20 minutes.
It’s simply impossible to constantly disinfect an item this often and keep on top of bacteria so with Home-Fresh® you can achieve an ideal level of sanitisation, reduce the cleaning routines and guarantee a safe environment.

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In summary, products treated with Home-Fresh® saves time and money, reduce cleaning practices, and most importantly protect against the growth of microbes and guarantee a safe environment.