Black Mould Removal is a Death Wish

Did you know there are over 10,000 different species of mould, but black mould is the one you really don’t want to find in your home. 
As we discussed in our last blog removing mould can be troublesome for your customers, but black mould removal is a different story. Even deadlier. 

Why is Black Mould so Dangerous? 

Black mould is more dangerous than regular mould because of its toxic spores which can cause a range of health problems and seriously reduce the indoor air quality.
Black mould can manifest around your lungs, nose, eye sockets and in some cases spread to the brain.
And with a 50% mortality rate, black mould is life threatening to diabetics and vulnerable people.

Our Advice 

There’s lots of information on the world wide web about black mould removal but we advise your customers to completely ignore it. This is because if you remove black mould incorrectly you can make the problem worse and put your life at risk. It is seriously important you and your customers understand the hidden dangers of DIY black mould removal in order to protect themselves and their loved one’s long term.

So What are The Risks? 

Hopefully we’ve now caught your attention and made you think twice about ignoring black mould, but why? What are the risks of removing black mould?
Special precautions need to be taken during black mould removal, and the issue is most homeowners aren’t aware of this.
Even minimal exposure to black mould during the removal process can lead to serious health issues, including:
  • Chronic coughing and sneezing
  • Respiratory irritation
  • Skin disorders, including rashes
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Headaches
And if this doesn’t scare you, in some cases, people can have severe allergic reactions to the spores which causes them to vomit and nose and lungs to bleed. It just isn’t worth the risk, just
Home-Fresh® it.

But This isn’t the Only Reason.. 

But this isn’t the only reason to Home-Fresh® your homes.
Blck mould removal could also result in:
  • Making the situation worse – black mould releases spores when it is removed, but if these aren’t properly contained the mould can spread to other areas of homes, making the initial problem into a huge deadly problem. 
  • Hidden mould – mould can grow virtually anywhere and everywhere and it is notorious for hiding in areas which you might miss and require proper treatment. 
  • Using the wrong equipment – Mould removal requires a lot of high tech equipment including personal protection, air filters and heavy duty products. 
Stop black mould before it becomes a problem with  

Remove the problem before it becomes a problem! 

Remove the problem before it becomes a problem, obvious right? Save time, money, blood sweat and tears, quite literally and never have to deal with black mould ever again.
Home-Fresh® technology stops the growth of mould on any surface, blocks odour causing bacteria and banishes indoor pollutants. It can be incorporated into any building and construction materials without affecting their original qualities, with added long-term freshness and protection. Home-fresh® will carry on doing its job until that walled is knocked down. It’s never been so easy to promise a fresher, healthier living to your consumers.
Home-fresh® is the easy solution to black mould which lasts a lifetime and promises a fresher living for your customers.
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