A ‘stubborn’ world

When you argue with your sibling, they always think they’re right. Their stubbornness leads to the argument blowing out of proportion, when really it was just a matter of who ate the last packet of Haribo’s.

It’s a bit like mould, that stubborn bit of inconvenience on your wall, the only difference is, we choose to ignore it. The more we walk past it, the more it will blow out of proportion (the mould spores will reproduce). The reality is, you need to argue with mould like it is your sibling so it can get resolved.
Because if you leave it as a piece of décor on your wall, you will soon find yourself fighting for your life.

Life or death? 

As the new Indian variant of Covid-19 has emerged, new evidence of mould entering the body has been found in recovering and recovered covid patients in India. This is called mucormycosis, also known as ‘black fungus.’
Mucormycetes is a class of moulds which enter the body and manifests around the lungs, nose and eye sockets. This can spread to the brain, making it deadly.
With a 50% mortality rate, Mucormycetes is threatening to diabetics and vulnerable people.
The danger with ‘Black Fungus’ is how it is caused. Any type of mould is invisible, so it can be surrounding you but it can’t be seen.
This particular mould (mucor mould) is found in decaying fruits and vegetables, plants and soil. Exposure to this means the mould spores can be inhaled from the air.
The infection is also linked to an overuse of steroids in the treatment of the coronavirus in India.


It’s no secret that India has a huge wealth gap, so treatment isn’t an option for everyone.
With the Indian Variant present in over 50 countries, the UK being one of them, we are in no better position.
As there is no vaccine or medication available to prevent the infection, and no treatment provided on the NHS, there is nowhere to look…


Or we are not looking hard enough.
There is a prevention route which still has not been considered.
Now more than ever, we need to look at our surroundings and live in a healthy environment, an environment which is mould free.
Home-Fresh® care about raising the standard of living. We understand the health implications mould brings such as respiratory infections, Asthma etc.
Incorporate Home-Fresh® into any building to prevent mould and bacteria, which lasts until the building material is destroyed.
With air purifying technology, Home-Fresh® ensures healthier air in every breath.
Yes, we live in a stubborn world, but remember, there is no price on life.